We are happy to help everyone to buy their dream home in Italy!

Do not put your dreams on hold!

Over 10 years ago, an old friend from Moscow turned to Svetlana Tormycheva, future founder of Trevi Elite, for help in finding and arranging a purchase of a villa on the seafront close to Rome. So was conceived the idea of a Russian speaking, Italian licensed real estate agency. During this time, we became leaders in the real estate market in Lazio as well as build a great reputation. Moreover, the most important proof of our professional skills and competence is our customers earned trust.

As of today, Trevi Elite offers a full range of services in the real estate market. Our main area of operation is the purchase, sale and rent of residential and commercial real estate in Rome, on the coast of Lazio, Tuscany, Sardinia and few other regions of Italy.

With each year passing, we get more customers from all around the world looking to buy property in Italy. Lately there has been more demand in our services that help provide a mortgage and obtain a permit of stay in Italy. We also have an aftersales department, which takes care of properties whose owners stay in Italy just few months a year. Great love for Italy, experience and knowledge about this country, the wish to share the most interesting information fueled the creation of concierge company Trevi Elite Services. There is no limit for customer’s request:  rentals of exclusive villas, castles, mansions, yachts, exotic supercars, unique tours in Rome, party and special event planning.

We constantly introduce new services and update the other ones, for example, recently we started providing a full range of services for the purchase of properties off the auction which can save our customers an astonishing 50-70% of market value of the property.

We make it our goal to ensure our customers stay in Italy as comfortable as it gets!