Investments in the Italian hotel sector in 2021

Investimenti nel settore alberghiero italiano nel 2021

According to an analysis by the renowned investment fund Castello SGR and the independent real estate market research institute Scenari Immobiliari, investments in hotel-type properties in Italy will triple over the next three years and reach 23 billion euros in 2023.

In the eyes of investors, the Italian “Made in Italy” brand maintained its appeal even during the pandemic, according to an investment fund expert.

In the international selection of high-end hotels, Italy ranks second after France. Half of the investors are focused on five-star urban hotels or luxury resorts in seaside or mountain areas.

What happens to investments in the hotel sector in Italy?

The growth in the number of hotel investments in Italy has begun to gradually gain momentum after the heavy consequences of 2020. Interest in the hospitality sector in Italy remains high despite the decline in tourism. Investors’ attention is focused on the luxury segments. More and more international brands are turning to Italian structures because Italy as a tourist destination is considered very attractive.

The assets of the Italian hotel market

Investment in this asset class is suffering as hotels are often owned by private individuals who do not have the necessary documentation to conduct thorough due diligence and require major redevelopment and modernization.

“The changes taking place in consumers and in their attitudes lead to the need to identify innovative ways to involve, attract and satisfy their desire to travel on vacation. To this end, it is important to renew the offer on the market, especially in large cities, and in the same way interventions are necessary to increase the level of attractiveness of the Italian cultural and tourist system through the modernization of infrastructures “, says Paolo Bottelli (Crialos) .

This transition period should be used to prepare for a new phase of prosperity by making investments of a different nature, in order to improve one’s performance and the willingness to host and manage the traveler of the future, aware that Italian culture and tourism are elements. fundamental for the growth and development of the entire country.

Trends in the Italian hotel industry

The hotel sector in Italy is preparing for a surge after the downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the first half of 2021, over 2,200 room sales were recorded in terms of number of transactions, amounting to over half a billion euros.

B&B in Italy

The market has seen a recovery in recent months. Bed and breakfasts offer themselves as a reliable solution for all those who are faced with unused hotels or structures that risk being left unsold due to economic turbulence. The development of bed and breakfasts remains one of the priorities. So, for example, referring to the indicators of B&B Hotels Italia, in 2021 there will be more than ten openings throughout the country. To date, the average occupation of the network is set at 65%, of which 71% of customers in the country are Italian.