International Real Estate Agency in Rome Trevi Elite and concierge company Trevi Elite Service

Trevi Elite International Real Estate Agency is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome (number in the registry of intermediary agents 9683) and a member of the professional federation of intermediary agents FIMAA, insurance policy No. 68531000, and is managed by professionals working in the elite real estate market since 2006.

The main office of the agency is situated in the center of Rome at via Veneto, next to Villa Borghese Park. The company has a representative office in Moscow, as well as partners in other regions of Italy, in Switzerland, France, and the USA.

Trevi Elite offers its clients carefully selected properties in Italy..

We will professionally and competently arrange real estate purchase and sale transaction, provide legal assistance and consultation on the acquisition of real estate, investment in a hotel and commercial property, citizenship, obtaining a residence permit in Italy, opening and managing a business, opening accounts in leading Italian and Swiss banks, assist in obtaining a mortgage loan, we will offer a full range of services for comfortable property possession: administrative and utility support of the property in possession, arranging of possible replanning and renovation by Italian contractors, property commercial operation support, legal advisory and other after-sales services.

In distinction from other agencies offering real estate abroad, we have direct contacts with property sellers and developers, which ensures a higher level of privacy, accelerates official registration of papers, provides the buyer with first-hand reliable information about the property and its infrastructure, and also makes it possible to save on commissions (3-5%).

Our core values and principles

  • Confidentiality and professional integrity are the main principles of our work;
  • Reliability and safety when conducting a purchase and sale transaction is our main priority;
  • the main value of our company is trust and confidence of our clients who have received professional and high-quality service and have become our regular customers;
  • Responsibility is one of our core values. We are fully responsible for our activities and for the decisions we make;
  • Our principle is reciprocal respect for the work of colleagues and partners;
  • Development and self-perfection of the company and employees;

Why should you contact Trevi Elite Real Estate agency?

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Reasonable agency fee with high quality of services provided;
  • We deal with all the issues in the real property market of Rome and Italy;
  • We do our work on a turnkey basis – from selecting a property to after-sale service;
  • We love what we do;

Trevi Elite agency guarantees honest and reliable relationships with our clients

Our mission is to fulfill the desires of our clients, providing them with competent services in the process of selection, acquisition and subsequent operation of real estate in Italy.

We have something to be proud of – we have hundreds of satisfied clients who have found their dream home in Italy!

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Our mission is the satisfaction of our customers’ wishes by providing high level services in the selection, acquisition and aftersale management of real estate in Italy, ensuring so prosperity for our environment and our Company.


  • Reliability and security of the buy-sale transactions.
  • The main value of our company is the trust of our clients, who receive professional and high quality services thus becoming our regular customers.
  • Responsibility is another core value of ours. We take full responsibility for the actions and decisions we make.
  • Our principle is the mutual respect for the work of our colleagues and partners.
  • Personal development and continuous growth of our Company and employees.



  •  we develop an individual approach for each customer;
  • we have a reasonable commission for a high-quality service;
  • we find a solution to any problem in the real estate market of Rome and Italy;
  • we provide full services – from the selection of a real estate all the way to after sale services and management;
  • we love our job.

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